Google releases list of the most asked questions in Ireland during Covid-19 outbreak 1 year ago

Google releases list of the most asked questions in Ireland during Covid-19 outbreak

"Google it, sure."

Google has released a list of the most asked questions about lifting the lockdown in Ireland from 1 May until 4 May.


So what do the questions tell us? Well, it kind of tells us that the usual obsession in Ireland has shifted slightly from the weather to questions about when hairdressers, pubs and even Penneys will open again.

Also, Penneys doesn't have an online shop so withdrawals have been tough for some.

Here are the top searches in Ireland for "When will ... open?"

  1. When will hairdressers open in Ireland?
  2. When will pubs open in Ireland?
  3. When will golf courses open in Ireland?
  4. When will Penneys open again?
  5. When will Driving Test Centres open?
  6. When will Hotels open in Ireland?
  7. When will Creches open in Ireland?
  8. When will McDonalds open again in Ireland?
  9. When are NCT centres open again?
  10. When will Dublin airport open?

Restrictions in Ireland are set to be gradually eased over the coming weeks and months.

But this is dependent on the virus remaining under control in the country and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned that restrictions may need to be reintroduced should the situation take a turn once again.

However, with a potential timeline for a return to some sort of normality in sight, one of the main questions being asked on Google is "when can ...?".


Here are the top "When can ...?" questions on Google in Ireland.

  1. When can we travel again?
  2. When can hairdressers open again?
  3. When can we fly again?
  4. When can dentists go back to work?
  5. When can hotels reopen?
  6. When can gyms reopen in Ireland?
  7. When can beauty salons reopen?
  8. When can restaurants reopen?
  9. When can grandparents see their grandchildren?
  10. When can dog groomers reopen?