GoPro unveils its latest device: GoPro HERO4 Black 8 years ago

GoPro unveils its latest device: GoPro HERO4 Black

Take a gander at the most technologically advanced GoPro to date. It really does look incredible…


Tech fans rejoice! There’s a new GoPro on the market and it’s sure to capture some of the best action shots that we have yet to see and some of the craziest dash-cams that will more than likely come from Russia. Only time will tell.

Anyway, the latest device, called the GoPro HERO4, features improved image quality and a twice as powerful processor with two times faster video frame rates than the previous model. You can find out more about the specs over here.

The new GoPro will be available from October 5 and it will come in two different editions: the HERO4 Black Edition, which costs €479.99 and the HERO4 Silver Edition, which costs €379.99.

For more on how to buy the new camera (having the dosh to spare would be a good start) head over to the GoPro website here.