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15th Oct 2018

Production has started on a feature length documentary about the making of Grand Theft Auto V

Rory Cashin

The movie is called The Billion Dollar Game.

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have probably been wondering why Hollywood hasn’t attempted to adapt any of the games yet.

Aside from the fact that Hollywood has yet to successfully adapt any game into a movie yet, you would think that GTAV would lend itself quite easily to being a big budget crime caper, or at least some kind of HBO series?

For now though, this documentary looks set to be the closest we’ll get to any kind of GTA movie, as director Robert Ryan has already begun production on The Billion Dollar Game.

Screen Daily are reporting that the documentary aims to explore the development of the series by way of archive material and new interview footage, focusing intently on GTAV, which still sells millions of copies even five years since its release, and remains the biggest selling game of all time in the USA.

There isn’t much else known about the movie, except that it comes from the same producers as the Gascoigne documentary, and IMDb currently have it slated for release on 1 November 2019.

That will put it in direct competition with Wonder Woman 1984, which makes for some clever counter-programming.

billion dollar game