Grand Theft Photo: Lindsay Lohan set to sue Rockstar Games over using her likeness in GTA V 8 years ago

Grand Theft Photo: Lindsay Lohan set to sue Rockstar Games over using her likeness in GTA V

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...and talk about Lindsay Lohan and GTA V, it turns out it's not

Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the headlines for many of the wrong reasons in the last few years, and she may be getting more unwanted publicity this week, as it seems that she's planning on taking legal action against the makers of hit video game Grand Theft Auto V.


Apparently, Lohan thinks that the female figure posing on the front cover of the game in a bikini was based on her likeness, and she wants some royalties from the lads behind Grand Theft Auto for her troubles.

According to IGN and The Independent, she's prepared to go down the legal route, and she's also upset about the fact that there's a character who's vaguely similar to Lohan named Lacey Jones, who gets chased by the paparazzi, which you need to help her get away from.

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There's also a further incident in which players are tasked with photographing a red haired actress engaging in a sexual act at a hotel that looks similar to the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, one of Lohan's favourite haunts and a place where she lived for a period.


However, the issue of the front cover model will be very difficult to prove, as while most people seem to think that it's Kate Upton, the very lovely model Shelby Welinder is the real person who it was based on, and she has the paycheque to prove it. She looks like this and likes snowcones.

As of yet, there has been no official confirmation that Lohan's legal team are putting any sort of challenge together, so it remains to be seen if she's going to push ahead with the case or not.