GTA V Collector’s Edition allows you to play as Niko Bellic’s kid 10 years ago

GTA V Collector’s Edition allows you to play as Niko Bellic’s kid

How would you like to play GTA V online as the sprog of GTA IV’s main protagonist, Niko Bellic? Well, with the GTA V Collector’s Edition you can.

The GTA V Special Edition and Collector’s Edition will come with a bevy of cool extras including a massive blueprint-style map of Los Santos that displays “cryptic markings [that] indicate locations for fast cash and points of interest for the up-and-coming entrepreneur”.


Both editions will also come with some handy online extras including stunt plane trials, special ability boost, bonus outfits and tattoos and additional weapons.

However, the Collector’s Edition comes with a lot more. Anyone willing to splash out on the Collector’s Edition (which comes in around €120) will also get an exclusive GTA V snapback cap and a GTA V security deposit bag with a logo key (because of all the heists in the game).

But wait, there’s more



GTA V online will allow fans to customise their online characters from their hair to tattoos and all the way down to their parent’s heritage, but the Collector’s Edition will allow you to choose some pretty special previously seen characters. Here’s what the official Rockstar Games press release had to say:

GTA Online introduces a new spin on traditional character creation with the hereditary-based creation system. Select your character’s appearance by choosing your parent’s heritage, then use the gene dominance meter to dial-in which parent your appearance favours more.

Additionally, you'll customise your character's daily activities - everything from family time to illegal work and sports to couch potato hours all have an impact on your character’s appearance and skill set (and you can always rank up your skill stats more via gameplay).

As part of the Collector’s Edition package, you'll get Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system.



The Collector’s Edition will also come with exclusive vehicles and property, so you’ll be able to store some of the coolest motors in the game right from the start.

For more on the Special and Collector’s Editions click here. And don't forget, there's only 20 days left until GTA V hits the shops on September 17.