Here are the 10 most hacked LinkedIn passwords 5 years ago

Here are the 10 most hacked LinkedIn passwords

It might be time to change your password.

LinkedIn is more than just that site that bombards you with emails and push notifications.


Back in 2012 LinkedIn was hacked and 6 million LinkedIn accounts were hacked by cybercriminals.

Now a list of the passwords that were most commonly used has been revealed.

Embarrassingly, the most common password was an unimaginative '123456' which featured 753,305 times.

This was followed by even less imagination as 'linkedin' and 'password' came in second and third.

Here is a list of the top 10 passwords that people had when they were hacked.

Rank   Password  Frequency
1  123456 753,305
2  linkedin 172,523
3  password 144,458
4  123456789  94,314
5  12345678 63,769
6  111111 57,210
7  1234567 49,652
8  sunshine 39,118
9  qwerty 37,538
10  654321 33,854

If any of these look familiar you should probably come up with a new password and let your creativity run free.


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