Huawei unveils latest version of its foldable smartphone, the Mate Xs 3 years ago

Huawei unveils latest version of its foldable smartphone, the Mate Xs

It's hugely exciting for us

The Mobile World Congress was cancelled due to fears over the Coronavirus, but that didn't stop Huawei from unveiling a host of high end upgrades to their most ambitious products via a virtual press conference streamed on Monday afternoon.


Among them was the new and improved Mate Xs, which provides an 8-inch bending display that turns it from an Android 10 phone (with EMUI 10.0.1) into a tablet.

Closed, it makes for a 6.6-inch 2480 x 1148 screen on one side, and a 6.38-inch 2480 x 892 screen on the reverse. Overall, the Mate Xs is 78.5 x 161.3 x 11 mm and approximately 300 grams.

And folks, the seam on it is barely visible when unfurled.

While Huawei did not have last year's Mate X for comparison, there are two major tweaks which address key areas of concern and should provide users with some reassurance that it's durable enough to survive daily wear and tear.


The first of which is what Huawei call a "quad-layer" construction for the screen to increase robustness. It involves two polyamide layers stuck together, a flexible OLED display and finally a polymer layer to help cushion and absorb impacts.

Next is the hinge which Huawei says has gone from 100 parts and components up to 150, and should be that little bit sturdier than the previous version and will, Huawei hope, hopefully reassure customers that this foldable phone will last the distance.


The Kirin 980 processor from the original Mate X has been replaced with a Kirin 990 5G chip, and the €2,499 model comes with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.

However, because Huawei is still on the US trade black list, it will ship without Google’s version of Android or its apps, services or the Play Store.

The Mate Xs launches globally next month and Huawei also announced the P40 Pro will launch on 26 March in Paris.

Other new and upgraded devices announced on Monday include the Matebook Pro which is Huawei's answer to the iPad Pro.


The Chinese company is also updating its MateBook X Pro with Intel’s 10th Gen processors and they're adding a green colour action.