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10th May 2018

Instagram is down and people are losing their minds

Rudi Kinsella


Try to remain calm.

Popular social media app Instagram has crashed, and people are reacting calmly and appropriately to the news. Only joking, of course they’re not. Photos will not load on the site, and people are flipping out as a result.

According to downdetector, The UK and Ireland are the worst effected by the crash. Damn it, if only we were in Kazakhstan.

Don’t worry guys, we’ll be able to see Boomerangs of what everyone had for lunch soon, it won’t be down for too long…

It seems like the majority of people suffering from withdrawal symptoms are using Twitter to soften the blow. What do we do if Twitter goes down? I don’t even want to know. We might have to talk to people in person? No thank you.

Instagram have made no comment about the crashing of the site at the time of writing.

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