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16th May 2018

Instagram is working on a new feature to show you how addicted you are

Alan Loughnane

Instagram feature

We don’t want to know FFS…

Instagram is working on a new feature which will show you just how much time you’re spending using the app.

Code buried in Instagram’s Android app revealed that a “Usage Insights” feature was built into the code that will allow people to see their “time spent” on the app.

The news was first reported by TechCrunch and seems to be a part of a wider effort from tech companies to show users how much time they’re spending on their apps, following Google’s announcement last week that they’re introducing new features on Android under the “digital well-being” banner.

It’s not clear what information Instagram will be allowing users to view, such as how much you’ve used it in the last week or in the past month, but the idea of showing you the total time ever you’ve spent on Instagram is rather frightening prospect for many.

The coding was first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a computer scientist, but was later confirmed by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

Apple have also promised to introduce better usage controls for children but have yet to announce any concrete plans on the subject.

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