Instagram will now let you buy things directly through the app 4 years ago

Instagram will now let you buy things directly through the app

A potential game-changer.

What do you use Instagram for normally?


Are you one of the Insta creeps who never actually posts, but are constantly looking at other people's pages? Or are you there to upload a pic of every meal you ever have? Or maybe you're a drunk poster, who remains fairly quiet on the social media until the weekend, and then goes a bit wild?

Well, whatever you normally do, it could be all about to change.

Soon enough, people will be able to buy things they see and like directly through the app, with the trial period beginning on Tuesday 19 March.

According to Bloomberg, people will be able to buy directly within Instagram, rather than being directed to a retailer’s website.


“Over time, as we are creating value for people, this could be a significant part of our business,” said Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product.

This seems like quite a natural move for the social media giant to make, given the success and popularity of fashion influencers on the site already.

The exact mechanics of the new feature are yet to be revealed, but shoppers will be able to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal on the app.

There is no date as to when it will be launched in its entirety as of yet.