iOS 14 will bring some big changes for iPhone users 2 years ago

iOS 14 will bring some big changes for iPhone users

Soon you'll be able to unlock your car with your iPhone.

The iPhone experience is about to change a bit and Apple offered a glimpse at how exactly that will happen onstage at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 on Monday.


Apple officially unveiled iOS 14 - the new version of its operating system - and it will offer users new ways to organise their apps, the biggest change to the iOS home screen in years.

Last year's iOS 13 had some changes such as dark mode, but overall focused on privacy and speed, whereas iOS 14 will have some very noticeable changes on the home screen in the form of widgets.

iOS 14 will allow widgets to be added to the main Home screen alongside your apps, while there will also be a widget gallery to add and customise your widgets.


There will also be a new “Smart Stack” widget which will show relevant apps for you based on the time of day.

For the first time on iPhones, users will be able to view all of their installed apps in a list view called App Library, which is similar to what is available on most Android phones.

Siri has undergone a redesign and will no longer - thankfully - take up the entire screen when activated but will rather appear as a small notification at the top of your phone, similar to how other notifications appear.


Apple has also made some adjustments to iMessage by adopting some WhatsApp-like functions with pinned messages, @-mentions and improvements to groups.

The future is also here as Apple revealed it is planning to turn the iPhone into a car key with its new contactless CarKey feature to unlock cars.

BMW is on board with its 2021 5 series being the first car to support the feature.

iOS 14 will be out this Autumn and is expected to work on all iPhones from the 6S upwards, although a developer preview will be available for to Apple Developer Program members from today.