WATCH: YouTube will fear this latest iPhone update from Apple 4 years ago

WATCH: YouTube will fear this latest iPhone update from Apple

Apple is going to go toe-to-toe with YouTube.

Broadcasting content online changed in a big way with the introduction of YouTube and one of its most iconic first videos of Charlie biting his brother's finger still gets played to this day.


Apple will be releasing their brand new iPhone soon and it looks like they are going to challenge YouTube in terms of online broadcasting.

According to the Business Insider UK, Apple may start letting users share live broadcasts from their iPhone screens soon.

As you can see below on the phone on the left, the company has added a Start Broadcast button alongside their new Screen Recording feature in iOS 11.

There has been no confirmation that the button serves this purpose yet and tapping the button at the moment just captures the screen and saves the file to the camera roll.

As well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have made live video a big part of their companies strategy and it has proved very well.

The video below was posted by Everything Apple Pro who have over 4 million subscribers and conduct reviews of the latest Apple products. So, if anyone is going to have a rough idea of what the button could be for, it's going to be them.


From about 3:00 onwards, they begin to talk about the new Start Broadcasting button.

Clip via EverythingApplePro