JOE Talks Tech: Everything that went down at E3 9 years ago

JOE Talks Tech: Everything that went down at E3

The technology podcast has taken a small break, but it's come roaring back, with all the news from the E3 conference

The tech podcast has been gone for a while, but it's back after overwhelming demand. That means we got one email from a fan asking where it was, and while we can't remember that fan's name, we're giving him (or her) what he (or she) wants.


Anyway, Adrian Collins and Oisin Collins (no relation, which Oisin wanted to make very clear from the start) sit down to chat all about the console war at E3 between Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as some of the games that they're really looking forward to.

There's also news about what Apple have been up to, as well as in impressive record by an electric car on the Nurburgring.

Having been away for a while, there was plenty of stuff to catch up on, and it was hard to shut the lads up, but you can plug in, sit back and enjoy the triumphant return of the tech podcast right here.