You may soon be able to book a flying-car via Uber 5 years ago

You may soon be able to book a flying-car via Uber

You may not realise it, but flying-cars are slowly becoming all the rage and are very much seen as being the next big thing in transport.

Earlier this week, tech company Lilum showed the first footage of a successful take off and landing of their electric flying car, and the internet promptly lost its collective mind.


Clip via Lilium

Similarly - but not quite as technically impressive - Google found Larry Page had a hand in the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which doesn't look as road-ready as the Lilum craft (it actually can only be set off and landed when over water), but it does look like a lot of fun to drive.


Clip via Kitty Hawk

Not to be outdone - and having already thrown their hat into the burgeoning self-driving car market - Uber will be hosting a flying car event in Texas this week.

Having hired the former chief technologist for on-demand mobility at NASA’s Langley Research Center to spear-head the project, Uber are discussing the future of VTOL (pronounced Vee-Toll), or the Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircrafts, and how they'll fold into the future of the company.

A spokesperson for Uber told The Verge that it wasn’t going to build its own brand of flying car, but were in a position to “contribute to the nascent but growing VTOL ecosystem and to start to play whatever role is most helpful to accelerate this industry’s development.”


So it should only be a matter of time before one of these bad-boys will be landing outside your house to pick you up for a night out...