Microsoft and Xbox will be making their own original TV shows 9 years ago

Microsoft and Xbox will be making their own original TV shows

Along with Amazon and Netflix, the folks at Microsoft are turning their hands to making TV shows

It seems that we're living in a golden age of television, between Breaking Bad, Homeland, and a bit further back The Sopranos and The Wire, there's a pretty high number of top quality shows knocking about to eat up hours of your life.


Amazon and Netflix have already begun adding to that list, notably with House of Cards which has been a critical success, and it seems that Microsoft are looking to get in on the act with through the medium of their all-in-one home entertainment system the Xbox One.

According to Digital Spy, Microsoft TV executive Nancy Tellem has announced that they plan to have their own original content out on Xbox One and the 360 by the second quarter of 2014 at the latest. Yeah, you Tell 'em, Nancy. Sorry about that.

She went on to say that they were different to Amazon and Netflix, adding "The lack of black and white and 'this is the template' and 'this is what we're following' is very difficult. As we continue to do deals everyone's going to get more comfortable."

They did already announce back in May that they would be doing a show with Steven Spielberg based on Halo, so perhaps this isn't too much of a surprise.


It will be interesting to keep an eye on of course, as well as to how Amazon continues along this line to see whether either of them (or both) can really compete with Netflix.

Hat-tip to Digital Spy