Microsoft buys Nokia for €5.4 billion 8 years ago

Microsoft buys Nokia for €5.4 billion

Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces after it was revealed the computer giant has bought the phone manufacturer

In one of the biggest mergers in recent memory, Microsoft and Nokia have joined forces, with the computer giant buying the rights to Nokia's devices, services business and patents licenses for €5.4 billion.


The two companies are no strangers to working together as many of Nokia's phones use the Windows Phone operating system, but the move seems to be inspired by Apple and the way that they control their ecosystem, and is most probably a move towards Microsoft emulating that with their mobile devices.

According to The Metro Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia chairman and interim CEO said that the move represented an important "moment of change and reinvention for Nokia and its employees".

It's expected that around 32,000 Nokia employees will join Microsoft, and the full details of the move will be finalised early next year when the buyout is completed.