Microsoft could be building their own Google Glass 7 years ago

Microsoft could be building their own Google Glass

Google might have some competition when it comes to making not-so-fashionable glasses

Wearable technology might well be a fad, but the guys at Microsoft aren't taking the chance that they could miss out on the next big thing. According to reports in The Wall Street Journal, they have been testing "prototypes for internet connected eyewear" and will be looking to make more of an impact here than they have on the smartphone market.


With Google Glass already touted to be around $1500, Microsoft may well be eyeing up (sorry) a slightly lower price tag, as it is expected that the wearable technology market isn't going to take the world by storm just yet at current prices.

The guys at The Verge are also speculating that it could be linked in some way to their next generation console, extending the screen or otherwise making the game interact with the wearable piece of kit. They've already lodged a patent for a device that would be a gaming headset that includes glasses, so there's plenty to suggest that's the way they might go with this one.