Microsoft investors are calling for Bill Gates to resign 7 years ago

Microsoft investors are calling for Bill Gates to resign

A few of the biggest investors in Microsoft are eager for Bill Gates to be get the sack or resign pretty soon

According to a report from Reuters, Bill Gates' days as the head of Microsoft could well be numbered after several investors are believed to be calling for him to resign.


Three of the biggest 20 investors in the company (who have requested that they remain anonymous), who have around 5% of Microsoft's shares between them, believe that Gates will interfere with the next chairman, and prevent them from making "substantial changes" to the company he founded nearly 40 years ago, according to Mashable.

Gates still owns around 4.5% of the company at the moment, and has very little day to day involvement with the company since 2000 when he named Steve Ballmer CEO and in 2008 moved to concentrate on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The company's value is still very high at $249 billion, but that is around half of what it was back in 1999, and CEO Ballmer will leave within the next twelve months, making way for some fresh blood. Reuters claim that a Microsoft representative refused to comment on the rumours today, but it certainly won't be welcome news to Gates, who is without doubt one of the most influential figures in the growth of technology in our lives over the last few decades.

Hat tip to Mashable and Reuters