Some more FIFA 19 player ratings have been revealed, and we're getting to the big guns 2 years ago

Some more FIFA 19 player ratings have been revealed, and we're getting to the big guns

Now we're talking.

We don't need to tell you how excited we are for FIFA 19.


We assume you're equally as excited, and we assume that you want to know which players are going to be the best in the game to have in your team.

That's where we come in.

We are down to the top 30, and today we are giving you the player ratings of the players ranked between 30th and 21st.

Exciting stuff.

30. Phillipe Coutinho - 88

It is really hard to believe that there are 29 players better than Coutinho in the world...

29. Hugo Lloris - 88


A World-Cup winning captain and a top goalkeeper.

28.  Marcelo - 88

The best left back in the world, without a doubt. You could probably stick him up front and he'd bag a good few goals for you.

27. Mohamed Salah - 88

Fresh off the season of a lifetime, Salah is undeniably playing like a world class player. The question is whether he can do it again.


26.  Isco - 89

Despite having a disappointing World Cup, Isco is one of the most talented midfielders in the world. He'd walk into every team in the world, and should do the same with your FIFA team.

25. Ter Stegen - 89

A top keeper, and should be knocking on Joachim Low's door wondering why he wasn't starting in the World Cup.


24.  David Silva - 89

Will go down as one of the Premier League's best ever players. So damn silky.

23.  Mats Hummels - 89

As good a defender as there is playing the game. So composed.


22.  Edinson Cavani - 89

One of the best strikers in the world. If he didn't get injured in the World Cup quarter-final they really could have gone the whole way.

21.  Paulo Dybala - 89

It's crazy to think that Argentina had a player like this on their bench during their mess of a World Cup campaign. What might have been...

Tomorrow we'll be into the top 20, so make sure you check back.