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30th Jan 2020

Ninjas, beavers and screwdrivers among 117 new emojis coming to a phone near you

Rory Cashin

2020 emojis

Finally! We’ve got… (checks notes) … “Elevator Going Up” emoji.

As we venture further and further away from regular conversation, we delve further and further into a language composed entirely of emojis.

Remember when it was basically just what you could make up with the text characters themselves?

Like if you had a colon and one half of a bracket, then that was a smiley face. Simpler times.

Well, 2020 sees the arrival of 117 new emojis, some of which we can get fully on board with (that Italian fingers gesture is going to be overused immediately, we guarantee you that), but others… we’re not sure about.

Was there a massive need for a Flatbread emoji? Or for both a Beetle AND a Cockroach emoji? Maybe there is and they have a cool new meaning that we’re unaware of? Like, if someone sends you the eggplant emoji, that means they’re looking forward to a good meat-free dinner. (Editor whispers something) What? That isn’t what it means? What does it mean? (Editor whispers some more) Oh… Oh my.

Well. Anyways. Here is a closer look at the new emojis set to arrive on your preferred messaging systems sometime in 2020.

Clip via Emojipedia

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