Apple announce release of new emojis on World Emoji Day 4 years ago

Apple announce release of new emojis on World Emoji Day

Happy World Emoji Day.

We need emojis and we need a World Emoji Day to celebrate our favourite emojis.


There are thousands of emojis available across all of Apple's products including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac and they add personality to every message that is sent from our phone.

17 July marks the celebration of our small friends on our iPhone's and as a gift from Apple to mark the day, they have released even more emojis for us to choose from.


Some of the new emojis include: A Woman with Headscarf and a Woman who is Breastfeeding as well as food items such as Sandwich and Coconut.

More animals and mythical creatures like T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie, Genie In a Bottle and Elf are a fun way to describe a situation that you might find yourself in while new Star-Struck and Exploding Head smiley faces will brighten up all our messages in the future.


There is 56 new emojis being released by Apple and they have all been approved by Unicode Consortium, who deal with new emoji characters for public use.

All of the new emojis will be released later this year. World Emoji Day is now in its fourth year and the reason 17 July was chosen as the date is because it is the date that is shown on the Calender emoji.