Nintendo are launching a new line of ... fun cardboard? 3 years ago

Nintendo are launching a new line of ... fun cardboard?

Say hello to the Nintendo Labo.

After the huge success of the Switch last year, all eyes were on what Nintendo would be doing with it next, especially considering that the handheld console resulted in three of 2017's best games: Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend Of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


They've also been pretty quiet about what to expect from them in 2018, as they only have one game officially lined up for release, which you can read about here.

Turns out the reason for this is because they've been busy working on a series of ... flat bits of perforated card.

Clip via Game Clips And Tips

At the beginning of the video, it doesn't seem all that impressive, but it soon turns everything on its head, as we see the bits of cardboard turning your Nintendo Switch into a piano, or a fishing rod, or a house, or a robot suit.

There are definitely elements of Nintendo weighing in on Lego, and a real-life Minecraft feel to it, too.

They're being called Toy-Cons (which makes it almost too easy to make a joke, so we won't), and Nintendo announced that they are "build-and-play experiences designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike".


Just like everything else in the world, Twitter had reactions:



We'll know for certain how fun (or not) they are once they're launched here from April 27.