Nokia release a 41 megapixel smartphone 9 years ago

Nokia release a 41 megapixel smartphone

We've seen cameras on smartphones getting better and better these days, bue Nokia's latest incarnation of the Lumia really takes the cake

Or at least, the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 will take some bloody impressive pictures of the cake. That's a lot of megapixels by anyone's book.


The idea is that a hugely detailed version of the image you're snapping will be taken (around 38mp) and another one of just 5mp will be taken that can be easily shared on your social networks, seeing as it would be a nightmare to share the bigger size. You can then edit and zoom and play around with the bigger version as much as you please, and find loads of little details that you might not have seen the first time.

The camera will be mad by Zeiss, and promises great quality even in low light conditions as well as blur free videos with stereo sound so you can show your mates what a great time they're missing at the concert they couldn't make it to. You're so sound. Just remember to turn it sideways when you record, we say no to vertical videos.