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08th Jun 2019

OFFICIAL: EA are bringing back FIFA Street for FIFA 20

Paul Moore

fifa 20

Happy days. The first trailer is here and it looks excellent.

You’ve spoken, EA have listened.

Oh yes, it’s time to rejoice because EA Sports are bringing back the beloved FIFA Street mode in their latest edition of the game.

Granted, they’re now calling it VOLTA Football but it’s FIFA Street.

We’re told that Volta Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe. Which is nice.

Any sign of Wayne ‘Street Striker’ Rooney  popping up too?

In terms of options, gamers will have the chance to customise and personalise their female or male in-game avatar with a range of clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, and in-game celebratory emotes.

Dab, it’s all about the dab.

Anyway, as for these new “urban football pitches,” matches can be played on a variety of locations including an underpass in Amsterdam, a neighbourhood cage in London, or a Tokyo rooftop.

As for the gameplay, we’re told that you’ll have the chance to “play 3v3 Rush (No GK’s), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal. In addition, VOLTA offers different sizes of arenas and environments with and without walls, giving you the freedom to play the beautiful game your way.”

Finally, the player modes will allow you to “build up your squad in Volta World, lead your player through theVolta Story Mode, play through Promotion and Relegation in the onlineVolta League, or take your favourite professional teams to the streets inVolta kick-off.”

In case you’re wondering, the game can already be pre-ordered here.

Take a look at what’s in store.



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