Pic: GTA V map leaked and news of online missions revealed (no spoilers) 8 years ago

Pic: GTA V map leaked and news of online missions revealed (no spoilers)

We knew that Grand Theft Auto 5 was going to be pretty huge, but the scale is finally becoming clear...

We've been steadily fed information about the new, epic-sounding Grand Theft Auto V, and today there was more information revealed that has us incredibly excited about the online mode and the size of the game in general.


There are going to be over 500 missions in the online mode, and while events are going to take place after the events of the main storyline campaign, they won't have a narrative that ties them all together. So you won't have to worry about spoiling something for yourself if you decide to give the main game a break.

Some of the missions will be available to complete solo, while a few of them will require a bit of team play, but if you pull off a heist with a team and then try to take too much of the profit, you'll get a bounty on your head and have gangs hunting you down, so be careful.

GTA Online will also feature most of the leisure activities that will be available in the main game, so you can invite your friends to the strip club or over to have a few beers, but in a game instead of real life.

The map of Los Santos and Blaine County has also been leaked online giving us the first real look at how big the game area is going to be and trust us when we say it looks epic...



Now, if only Tuesday would roll around a bit sooner...

Hat-tip to Digital Spy