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08th Oct 2015

PIC: These six new emoji reactions are coming to Facebook and they’re being tested in Ireland

Facebook is about to get a lot different

Conor Heneghan

When a simple ‘like’ just isn’t enough…

There’s been talk recently about Facebook adding the ‘dislike’ button for situations when your standard ‘like’ doesn’t convey an appropriate emotional reaction to a post on the site.


It turns out that Facebook are planning on much more than simply adding a ‘dislike’ button, they’re going to make six further emoticons available to Facebook users and we’re going to be the first to get to try them out.

The new ‘Facebook Reactions’ offer users a number of ways to respond to a post, from your traditional like to a love, yay, haha or wow, with the other end of the emotional spectrum accounted for with sad and angry faces.


Tests will be carried out in Ireland and Spain from tomorrow with those two countries being chosen, according to TechCrunch, because they tend to have largely national user bases without extensive international friend networks.

The fact that Ireland is an English-speaking nation was also a factor, while testing in Spain will allow Facebook to see how it goes down with non English-speaking users.

Be prepared to see your Facebook timeline change quite considerably in the very near future.

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