PIC: This Donegal woman has put her own son up for sale on DoneDeal 5 years ago

PIC: This Donegal woman has put her own son up for sale on DoneDeal

It's time for this Donegal teen to fly the coop... for a small price.

From home-made Smart Cars in Louth, to bulletproof vests in Longford, you'll find all manner of interesting Irish things for sale on the Internet.


You can add this Donegal woman's DoneDeal post to the list, as she's supposedly attempting to sell her own son for the princely sum of €13.

Our favourite part is that Cherri has categorised her own beloved child as a "Sofa" in the "Furniture & Interiors" section.

There really is nothing like the love an Irish mammy has for her own child.

DoneDeal Donegal ad son

Here's the official ad description:

"A well behaved 18 year old with many skills. Is a professional photographer, level A drinker, a part of #inkedfam and #beardfam. A promising student worthy of 625 points LC, handy to have around the house, will come to use! Selling as I have no need for one anymore and am sure there is a worthy owner to be."

Donegal son ad


We're sure he's worth every cent.

If you're interested in purchasing "Sofa" from Bundoran woman Cherri, you can access her details by clicking on the pic below and you can also check out the original, 100% authentic, yes-she-really-is-selling-her-son-and-we-completely-believe-it ad in full by clicking here.

Donegal Done Deal ad son

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