PICS: These are the new emoji coming to your phone in June 4 years ago

PICS: These are the new emoji coming to your phone in June

Because sometimes, there's just no words...

New updates to the emoji keyboard are coming your way this June and while they have yet to be finalised, we have a fair idea of what the new emoji will look like.


Emojipedia have published 69 mock-ups of what the proposed new emoji will look like, and these are what you'll see being used to hold conversations rather than conventional words... because, you know, words are so difficult.

According to the Emojipedia website: "Original sample images visualizing the new emojis from Emoji 5.0; scheduled for release in 2017. These have been created in an Apple-like style by Emojipedia; as an indication of how they might be displayed when released by vendors."

A while back Unicode, the company in charge of analysing and given the green light to all new emoji proposals, released a beta version, giving us a first look at new emoji.

The new update will include plenty of food, gender inclusive emoji and plenty of mythical creatures, check them out below.