Pics: Pro Evolution 14 is looking pretty good 8 years ago

Pics: Pro Evolution 14 is looking pretty good

FIFA 14 has been receiving plenty of airtime of late, but we are getting more glimpses into what its main rival Pro Evolution Soccer 14 has to offer.

Last week we saw the first pictures released of the latest installment of Pro Evo  and while the game is still only 70 per cent complete, it is shaping up to be a cracker. The makers have introduced the ‘12th man’ effect to players so that mental attributes will be affected if a player has a poor game, but one brilliant moment can turn the tide. Our advice is to avoid putting Jose Boswinga into your side. proevo2 Another new feature we are being told about is ‘team play’. You can bolster your defensive prowess by controlling up to three or more defenders and flank your unsuspecting opponent. Kind of like something Rafa Benitez is prone to in real life. proevo It sounds and looks good to us and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and re-ingnite that age-old debate over which game rules the roost, FIFA or Pro Evo.