There are plans to create a bed that moves your partner back over to their side 2 years ago

There are plans to create a bed that moves your partner back over to their side

Your partner might be guilty of this.

Snoring, drooling, farting, turning, wrestling crocodiles, stealing the duvet.


These are bed time traits that every single person is guilty of but if your partner is a 'space invader,' this new concept from Ford could revolutionise your sleeping habits.

As stated on their official page, if your partner happens to roll over and take up your precious space, a concept is now in place that will move your partner back over to their side of the bed.

To be fair, this is a very serious issue because sleeping next to some people can feel like you're curling up next to a radiator/ice box.

Seriously, what's wrong with these people?

Anyway, as stated on their official blog, studies show that 1 in 4 of those in relationships sleep better alone and this new design - which they're calling the 'Lane-Keeping Bed' - will apply car technology to "ensure that even the most selfish bed mate stays firmly 'in their lane' through the night".

How does this work?

Well, Ford state that: "Lane-Keeping Aid is a Ford technology which monitors the road markings ahead and actively supports the driver to safely guide the vehicle back into the correct lane by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction; this complements other camera-based systems that help drivers avoid inadvertently straying out of their lane".


At present, the design is still in its prototype stage and given the fact that it's Valentine's Day, we wondered if this was all just one big joke?

Well, fear not because Ford have confirmed that it's a real concept and they've even released a video to see how the tech will work in real life.

Time to let your partner know.

Take a look.


Image and clip via Ford Europe