Play: The Miley Cyrus twerking game 9 years ago

Play: The Miley Cyrus twerking game

Ever wanted to recreate Miley Cyrus's MTV Awards twerkathon? Well then this is your lucky day.

To be honest, if you told us in January that we would be experts in twerking by the end of the year we'd have said (a) what the f*** is twerking, (b) leave us alone and (c) what the f*** is twerking.


But one year on, a year with more Miley in it than a Glenroe boxset, and we are very familiar indeed with wrecking balls, tongues, twerks and a fella who thinks he's Beetlejuice.

Anyway, thanks to the good folks at Round Games you can now be Miley and perform all her infamous moves, wrecking ball and all.