PlayStation VR is getting a huge price drop this week 5 years ago

PlayStation VR is getting a huge price drop this week

If you were holding off on getting one, this week is the time to invest.

In the swelling market of personal virtual reality headwear, with the likes of the Samsung Gear and the Oculus Rift, the generally best reviewed one is the PlayStation VR helmet.


Released in October 2016, it has sold a little over 2 million units since then, with perhaps the biggest deterrent to date being the price-tag.

Launched at €399, it has remained at that price since release.

With several really quite good VR games in the time since then, including Resident Evil 7, Doom VFR, Moss and The Impatient to name just a few, gamers might have been holding off for the PSVR to drop in price before investing.

If you are one of those gamers, then this week is your lucky ... week.


From Thursday 29 March, the price will drop to just €299, and along with the headset, you'll also get the PlayStation Camera, free access to The Playroom VR, and a download code for PlayStation VR Worlds.

Did we mention there's also a game where you get to BE the Batman? Cos there is.

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