Pod Almighty! JOE's favourite podcasts that you should be listening to 9 years ago

Pod Almighty! JOE's favourite podcasts that you should be listening to

JOE listens to a lot of podcasts, as well as making a few of our own, so we took a look at some of our favourites that we think you should get on board with.

We here at JOE love a good podcast. In fact, we love them so much that we do our own range of wonderful lovely, brilliant podcasts, which of course you should listen to because they're great. In fact, we think they're so great you should listen to them twice.


Anyway, back to the point. We put together a list of some of our favourite podcasts that we listen to in the gym, while running, or making the daily commute to and from JOE towers, and we think you definitely need to check them out.

Football Weekly

If you listen to this podcast for one reason, it should be the brilliant puns at the beginning of every episode from host James Richardson and producer Ben Green; truly they are works of genius. They have perfected the art, and while we have made a few decent ones in our time (for example, the title of this piece) we still all can only attempt to reach the insanely brilliant heights which they achieve.

Inside the Football Weekly pod


Also, they get some great contributors every week and have some pretty interesting insights and stories on football in the Premier League and beyond, including the great Sid Lowe, who we chatted to a few weeks ago ourselves, controversy's Raphael Honigstein, and in general some good stuff about football. We all love football, right?


If American sports is your thing, then the boys at Americarnage are the best boys to keep you up to date with the major goings on Stateside. JOE favourite Mike Carlson is one of the trio in charge, as well as his Channel 4 NFL co-host Nat Coombs and comedian 'Hollywood' Dan Louw, so it doesn't take itself too seriously.

They cast an eye across all of the four major sports, blending some proper analysis with weird jokes, a sense of humour and observations about culture too. One of our favourite parts of the podcast is their section at the start, cleverly entitled 'Three Points' (get it?) about whatever the panel want to chat about, and they often recommend great books or movies that we might not have heard of yet.



It's not often that JOE confesses to being a nerd, but National Public Radio's show Radiolab makes us really like learning stuff and junk. They cover a huge range of subjects and make them into brilliant documentaries that are around an hour, so if you've ever wondered why we laugh, why we feel pain or how time works, Radiolab has some answers.


They're brilliantly produced and while sometimes they can feel a bit over-stylised, they package some really interesting stories and bits of scientific information into a small little package. The podcasts come in two sizes, the full hour long features, and then their 'Shorts', where they give you a more brief idea about something which is also really interesting. Most recently we were fascinated by the story of a perfectly preserved corpse that was found in the mountains in Germany 20 years ago. Mind blowing stuff.


BBC 5 Live World Football Phone In

Yes, it's another football entry, but if the beautiful game from around the world is your thing (very little Premier League covered in here) then this is the place to come to. Every week charismatic host Dotun Adebayo is joined by Tim Vickery, one of the very best football pundits in the business, and boy does he know his stuff. He covers Brazilian and South American football, so you get all the angles and story lines from there, while there is also another pundit on every week, either discussing the game in Europe or the game in North America.


It gives you a look at football outside the English bubble and contains some pretty fascinating insights, plus it's perfect for the football hipsters out there. You can also tune in live very late on Friday night/Saturday morning if you'd prefer to hear the show live.

The Steve Austin Show


Stone Cold is a man who really needs no introduction, but the idea of sitting down to listen to him on a podcast might need a bit of explanation. If old school wrestling is interesting to you, then he gets plenty of guests from Razor Ramon to good ol' JR on to shoot the breeze, but he also just rattles on about life. He's also got some really weird moments, like this one (extremely NSFW language) where he chats to a fly.

If that doesn't get you hooked, we don't know what will.

Kermode And Mayo's Film Review

Some people say that Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode based the BBC's flagship film review show on JOE's very own movie podcast. Some people are completely deluded though.

With their live show broadcast every Friday afternoon at 2pm on BBC Radio 5 Live, and their podcast going up online shortly after, perfectly paired DJ Simon Mayo and film critic Mark Kermode provide a brilliant brand of Wittertainment as they review this week's latest cinema releases, interview the biggest stars and go on the most articulate, strongly opinionated rants – such as this now infamous Sex And The City 2 spiel which begins with a classic Kermode line, "you're not going to get a rant about this."

Wanna bet?