PornHub spotted an odd trend in Hawaii after the false missile crisis 4 years ago

PornHub spotted an odd trend in Hawaii after the false missile crisis

A lot of things shot up that morning...

When an alert was sent out to all Hawaiians informing them that a ballistic missile was bound for the island, there was widespread panic across the state.


The alarm was issued at 8.07am (6.07pm, GMT) on Saturday 13 January in block capitals, saying: "SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

It was another 18 minutes before the message was corrected via email, and 38 minutes before a follow-up email was sent.

Naturally, during those 38 minutes, it would be safe to assume most people were seeking shelter. Given that US President Trump and North Korea's great leader, Kim Jong-un had been arguing two weeks earlier over the size of their nuclear buttons, most people were probably going to take the news of an incoming ballistic missile very seriously.

PornHub however, added a whole new dimension to the narrative when they released a breakdown of online traffic to the site at the time of the alert.


To look at it one way, a lot of stress needed to be relieved.

Using real-time, per-minute pageviews and comparing the day's stats with the levels from the previous two Saturdays, the site saw a huge drop at 8.07am as the warning was sent out. By 8.23am, traffic was 77% below that of a typical Saturday, which really isn't that surprising, unless you want to ask what was up with the other 23%?

Once the correction was sent at around 8.45am, traffic began to return to the site and at 9.01am, pageviews surged 48% above the typical levels, before they returned to normal exactly 10 minutes later.

"We can’t begin to imagine what would go through someone’s mind after reading that message, but based purely on the traffic numbers, it’s NOT to be watching porn", the PornHub report said.


It's clear though, once the threat of widespread destruction concludes we all know where the mind immediately goes.

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