How to quickly block WhatsApp notifications you don't care about 3 years ago

How to quickly block WhatsApp notifications you don't care about

It's annoying.

While we love a good WhatsApp chatting session with our mates, sometimes receiving multiple notifications can be rather irritating.


There's basically nothing you can do other than flip your phone over and ignore it.

However, with WhatsApp's latest feature, disturbing notifications could soon be a thing of the past.

The app has introduced a new element that will allow you to decide what notifications are important enough to pop up and which ones... well, aren't.


WhatsApp now offers 10 new Notification Channel categories, with each category containing different options which you can control individually.

The new categories are Group Notifications, Message Notifications, Chat History Backup, Critical App Alerts, Failure Notifications, Media Playback, Uncategorised, Other Notifications, Sending Media, and Silent Notifications.

All you have to do to access these categories is tap and hold the next WhatsApp notification you receive, and then selecting the All Categories option at the top of the screen.

You can then mark each category as either Urgent (sound and pop up on screen), High priority (sound), Medium priority (no sound) or Low priority (no sound or visual pop up).


However, it might be a while before all of us have the option, as it has only been rolled out to users who have the beta version of the app.

But that just means it's one step closer to being rolled out worldwide.