The story trailer for Red Dead Redemption II is an epic tale of Old West revenge 6 years ago

The story trailer for Red Dead Redemption II is an epic tale of Old West revenge

"In this place, there ain't no such thing as civilised."

If you can believe it or not, it has been nearly 8 years since the first Red Dead Redemption came along and ate up all our free time, which itself arrived 6 years after Red Dead Revolver, the first in the Red Dead series, but also the one that everyone seems to have forgotten to have even existed.


Coming from the same people who have given us the Grand Theft Auto series, it was essentially that same gameplay idea, but set in the Old West, and between taming stallions and getting involved in quick-draw shoot-outs in the middle of the town, it really did a good job of recreating the atmosphere of America at the turn of the 20th century.

Since the sequel (actually, we're told it is a prequel, but whether or not it ties into the story of the first Redemption is unclear at this point) was announced back in 2016, fans have been dying to get their hands on it, and were more than a little disappointed to discover that it had been pushed back from the initial release date of late 2017 to mid 2018.

But looking at these visuals, and how intense and lush the story that pins the whole game together seems to be, we reckon it will definitely be worth the wait.

Also, for fans of the Western genre will spot a reference to a particular classic of the genre, one that we gushed over quite recently when it celebrated its ten year anniversary.


Clip via Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption II will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One in Spring 2018, so we're guessing late April, early May.