This reporter got caught playing Pokemon Go during an ISIS briefing 6 years ago

This reporter got caught playing Pokemon Go during an ISIS briefing

Just because a US veteran challenged ISIS to a Pokemon Go battle doesn't mean the terror group and the mobile game should always go hand in hand.

While giving a briefing on the so-called Islamic State, US State Department spokesman John Kirby spotted a reported among the assembled media who wasn't behaving quite the same as everyone else there.


Showing his powers of perception are as sharp as ever, Kirby called out the reporter who sheepishly responded in much the way a schoolchild might do if they were caught texting in class.

The only thing, though, is this wasn't a classroom setting - it was a state department briefing on ISIS.

Sometimes "I'm just keeping an eye on it" won't cut it.


Sprinting past Justin Bieber to get your hands on a Gyarados is one thing.

Getting out of your car to rush into Central Park in a search for a Vaporeon is not something we'd advise but probably isn't hurting anyone.

Falling off a cliff while engrossed in the game? Sure, it's stupid, but you're only harming yourself.


But getting an official to cut short an important speech to give you what's basically a grown-up version of a telling-off in front of the whole class? We wouldn't recommend it.


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