Review: OtterBox Defender iPad case 5 years ago

Review: OtterBox Defender iPad case

The OtterBox Defender and Commuter series are iPad cases designed to deal with the rough and tumble of an active lifestyle

OtterBox are specialitsts in creating serious iPad and iPhone cases that really stand up to whatever test you can throw at them, so if you like to bring your device out and about, then these cases are worth the money. There are two series here, the Commuter which is a lighter option that still provides good protections, and the seriously heavy duty Defender, which is the one we got our hands on for review from our mates at Compu b.

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There are three major components to the OtterBox Defender iPad cover, the heavier of the two series we've already mentioned, and the one that JOE got our hands on for review. Firstly, you have a cover which also doubles as a handy stand, a silicone jacket for the iPad itself, and the polycarbonate case, which fits over the jacket.


These do add a little bit of weight to your iPad, but you can be pretty sure that if you do drop it by accident, then you don't really need to worry. In fact, the OtterBox armour series iPhone case was tested recently by some real otters, and it stood up to the punishment they put it through.

When the iPad is fitted into the case it does feel very bulky but at the same time has a seriously sturdy feel to it, which is reassuring. It also makes it not really look like an iPad, and while that might sound odd, it does help to blend it in a bit more, and a thief might not realise that they're looking at an iPad if they're up to some nefarious acts.

On the other hand, the fact that the cover comes off is a double edged sword. It offers brilliant protection to the screen and you know that it's not going to get scratched, but you also have to find somewhere to put it when you're commuting. Now, realistically, you can just throw it in your bag, but it would be nice if it was attached or hinged somehow.


Finally, the other point is that it is expensive at €80, but that's not to say it's not worth it, in particular if you have kids or you've found yourself having butter fingers of late. We'd all like to pay less for everything, if we're honest, but we reckon that there could be a better price point for this. Still, if you lead an active lifestyle and you are really involved in outdoor sports, we'd much rather pay this amount than  have to fork over the cash to replace our iPad.

Overall we're going to give this four stars, and while the iPad cover was handy, we reckon the iPhone version would be pretty much be a must-have for anyone. We recently dropped our phone and the screen cracked, which is very annoying, and we're absolutely sure that if we'd had the OtterBox cover before then, our screen would still be in pristine condition. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, as they say, but not even a jeep can break this bad boy, so we're confident it would do the job.

You can get the full range of OtterBox products from Compu b at their online store, or check out where your nearest shop is, as they have several locations in Dublin, as well as Cork, Limerick and Galway.