Rise of the Machines: Is a robot coming to take your job? 9 years ago

Rise of the Machines: Is a robot coming to take your job?

We hope that you've got that personal trainer qualification under your belt

Technology does plenty for us, from giving us magical internet in a box to finding cures for diseases and aiding research, but as things get more advanced, it's looking likely that robots will be involved in our day to day lives. However, they might not just be there to help, some of them might be tikin' urh juuurbs.



Thankfully, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, of the University of Oxford, have put together some figures on what jobs may be at risk from robots, and argue that 47% of job categories are open to being automated within the next twenty or so years. The chart below was compiled on the basis of their research, and lists a whole host of jobs that could be at risk. The closer the umber gets to 1, the more likely it is that the job can be done by a robot and will be in the future.

job robot chart

We've spent many seconds studying this data and have thus decided that the only reasonable course of action left is to become a personal trainer who is also a priest and works on the weekend (but not the Sabbath) as a dentist.


Hat-tip to Know More from the Washington Post, The Economist and blog.agogo.com for the pic