This footage of highly advanced, dog-like robots is causing everyone to freak out 3 months ago

This footage of highly advanced, dog-like robots is causing everyone to freak out

This is like something straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

Technology is advancing at a furious rate these days and don’t get us wrong, we’re all for that.

While progress is great and everything, sometimes something comes along that makes you think that maybe we’re moving a little too fast.

On Monday, Boston Dynamics released footage of a robot known as the SpotMini, a dog-like, four-legged robot that has the ability to pick up and handle objects and has sensors that help with navigation and mobile manipulation in an office or a home.

And, as the footage reveals, closed doors pose only the most minor of obstacles to prevent the SpotMini from getting where it wants to go; an extendable handle will sort that out in no time.

As if that wasn’t enough, check out the video below from 30 seconds onwards to see what a gentlemanly robot it is…

Clip via Boston Dynamics

Amazing as the footage is, people couldn’t help but get slightly freaked out when the video quickly went viral on Monday, with the movement of the robots in question bearing frightening similarities to robots from a recent Black Mirror episode, Metalhead, or the demo-dogs from Stranger Things.


SpotMini is not the first robot from the Boston Dynamics team to garner worldwide attention; a robot named Atlas earned kudos last year for a show of supreme athleticism that an Olympic gymnast would be proud of.

Clip via Boston Dynamics

Jurassic Park saw it coming, folks...

Clip via empu dhola

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