Rockstar updates the new GTA V ‘travelogue’ website 9 years ago

Rockstar updates the new GTA V ‘travelogue’ website

Last week we brought you the first look at the new Los Santos travelogue website that features loads of info on what to expect from GTA V. Well, the site has now been updated with loads of new pics.

Country clubs, tattoo parlours and one seriously sleazy yoga instructor all feature in the newly updates Los Santos travelogue website.


The four new sections include, ‘Friendly Neighbours’, ‘Local Artisans’, ‘Exclusive Country Clubs’ and ‘Serenity & Wellness’.

The sections give you an idea of what to expect from the game, which comes out on September 17 (less than four weeks away!) and judging by the pic below the game is going to be filled with all the crass humour that you’d expect from the series.


Click here to check out the newly updated Los Santos travelogue website, but be warned, you could waste a few hours on it...