Rogan to Spotify, Pixel 4a rumours, Huawei photo comps and more tech 11 months ago

Rogan to Spotify, Pixel 4a rumours, Huawei photo comps and more tech

Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

It's only Tuesday but already a lot has happened. Ireland entered Phase One of reopening and there's hope of a return to some kind of normality over the coming weeks and months.


US President Donald Trump declared he is taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection.

Menthol cigarettes are also being banned from sale in Ireland from Wednesday this week.

But here's some other bits and pieces that you may have missed today and over the past few days.

The Joe Rogan Experience... on Spotify

The Joe Rogan podcast is becoming a Spotify exclusive. This means the full audio and video of episodes will only be available on Spotify starting later this year.

It's another coup for the streaming giant which recently added all the podcasts of sports and pop culture site The Ringer to their platform.

You've every right to be surprised if you're a Rogan fan because his podcast wasn't even available on Spotify to now.


“It will be the exact same show. I will not be an employee of Spotify,” Rogan said.

Whatever your thoughts are on Rogan - and there are a lot of opinions on the podcast host - there's no denying the enduring popularity of his podcast.

Pixel 4a rumours

Last year, the Google Pixel 3a and the 3a XL were launched in early May but there's been no sign of the Pixel 4a this year so far.

In all likelihood, we were probably going to get the first look at it during Google I/O 2020 on 12 May before that dang coronavirus got in the way.


We reviewed the Pixel 4 when it was released last year and we were mightily impressed by the phone, but it fell down in one key aspect and that was battery life. It just wasn't really what you expected from a flagship smartphone in this day and age.

While the Pixel 4a will be a mid-range phone and is expected to land somewhere around the €300 to €350 price range, there's plenty of potential to build on.

Don't expect it to compete with the big hitters in terms of performance, but if it can include that gorgeous camera from the Pixel 4, sort out that subpar battery and managed to arrive at the aforementioned price range; it's going to turn a lot of heads.

You wanna win $10,000?


If you fancy yourself as a bit of photographer, Huawei recently launched its own photography competition for owners of its smartphones.

Huawei is inviting its community of millions to create and share their most uplifting and inspirational images as part of NEXT-IMAGE 2020, the world’s biggest smartphone photography and video competition.

There's six different categories to choose from with prizes ranging up to $10,000 and plenty of smartphones to give away.

More information can be found on the competition page here.


Google focuses on safety and privacy

This week the search giant unveiled new tools and a redesign of Chrome’s privacy and security settings on desktop to help users with their online safety.

A full rundown of the new features can be read here.

There are some interesting additions such as Chrome displaying an extensions button in the toolbar at all times, telling you which extensions have access to the page you are currently looking at.

There's also a new tool which will tell you if the passwords you’ve asked Chrome to remember have been compromised, and if so, how to fix them.