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Most of us have tried to replicate one of Bart’s prank phone calls at some stage, but this is a bit more complicated.

Although it’s more life-like than the majority of cartoons, the fact that The Simpsons is animated gave the show license to portray events that might not be possible in real life.

Homer, for example, would never have survived the punishment he took while repeatedly falling down Springfield Gorge in real-life and no matter how vigorous a shaking Bart gave it, a can of beer is not that likely to explode and inflict life-threatening injuries on his Dad.

The prank where Bart caused the entire town of Springfield to be affected by massive feedback when he yelled ‘testing’ into a series megaphones lined up together (The Secret War of Lisa Simpson – Season 8) also falls into that category, but one YouTuber with a scientific background sought to find out exactly what would happen if it was attempted in real life.

Clip via S Butler

Kevin Kohler, AKA The Backyard Scientist, went to the trouble of buying ten megaphones in an effort to fulfil a lifelong ambition and though his initial attempts proved somewhat underwhelming, with a little bit of manoeuvring, he eventually managed to produce a pretty booming sound.

Next time he should probably just try calling a random bar and asking for a man named 'Hugh Jass'. It woukld certainly be a lot easier than this.



Clip via The Backyard Scientist

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