Snapchat adds video calls and a messaging service in their latest update 9 years ago

Snapchat adds video calls and a messaging service in their latest update

There are a few big changes in store for Snapchat users


As one of, if not the most used photo sharing services in the world, Snapchat's rise to the top has been both impressive and unexpected. The idea of deleting messages and not being able to review them was against the grain, an almost non-public way of sharing, and their latest update looks to continue to revolutionise the way we stay in contact with each other.

Firstly, they have added a sort of instant messaging service, something which Evan Spiegel was keen to point out to The Verge is not a term he's thrilled with. The idea driving the change and what makes their offering different is that they're trying to catch those fleeting moments when two friends are online together, and giving each other their full attention, so rather than messaging, it is two friends having a chat.

Messages will still disappear when you leave the chat screen, but you can save a screenshot of them by tapping on them. The next big innovation is the video call, but rather than like Skype, rather than being something that is generally organised a few days in advance at a certain time, there will be a little notification that shows that your friend is online or in a chat with you, and you will be able to instantly start video chatting, then and there.

Swiping will navigate you around all these new features, like in the video call, where swiping up or down will switch cameras so you can show your friends something, or go back to chatting. It remains to be seen how users are going to feel about what Snapchat has to offer, and, importantly if they can lure users away from Whatsapp and other services.


Hat tip to The Verge and Mashable