Social media start-up creates handy online tool that helps you utilise your Twitter followers 6 years ago

Social media start-up creates handy online tool that helps you utilise your Twitter followers

“Moneyball for brands”…

If you saw the baseball movie Moneyball or read the book then you’ll know that while stats can tell you a lot about a player, some stats are more valuable than others.


That’s why SocialRank has been called the "Moneyball for brands". SocialRank is a free to use online tool (there is a Premium service that provides more in-depth detail) that will show you your most valuable follower – your MVF, if you will.


Now you might be thinking: "WTF is MVF?"

According to SocialRank's FAQs: "[Your] Most Valuable Follower tells you who your most in-demand, important, and useful follower on Twitter is (regardless of their engagement with you).

"Determining your Most Valuable Follow takes into account a myriad of things including your followers' follower reach, if they are verified, how many tweets they put out per day and many more data points."

So why exactly is this a good thing for businesses and budding start-ups (and Twitter users in general)? Well, there are a number of reasons...

SocialRank pulls your followers info, including their location, how many tweets they send and how engaging they are on Twitter. So you can quickly and easily see which of your followers could help to get your name and/or brand out there.


You can also find out just how many of your followers have NEVER tweeted, which is handy when it comes time to do a bit of spring cleaning. No one likes an unproductive tag-along.

SocialRank provides three great examples as to how it could help any business on Twitter, which we’ve outlined below…

Targeted Advertising: A movie studio searches for highly engaged followers of scary movies in preparation for the release of its latest chainsaw horror flick. These followers become the focus of the studio’s targeted advertising campaign, via Promoted Tweets, the goal of which is to get the movie in front of the right people.

Affiliated Accounts: A major sports association runs analyses of its teams, athletes, and partner brands to better understand its fans. Market Intelligence provides an unprecedented level of social data, enabling the organization to reach customers and fans across a multitude of touch points.

Competitor Benchmarking: A food & beverage brand identifies which major metropolitan areas have its most engaged followers. The brand then cross-references this information with that of its major competitors. The insights gleaned from this search help the marketing team hypothesize which cities to focus future product launches on.


So there you have it...

To be fair, you don’t even have to use SocialRank for business purposes as it’s a pretty cool and very easy way to see who you should be pestering for a retweet when your cat does something so damn incredible the whole world needs to see it...




You can find out all you need to know about SocialRank over here.

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