Sony have already shifted 1 million PS4 units 7 years ago

Sony have already shifted 1 million PS4 units

We suppose that would probably count as a fairly successful launch


Sony will be pretty happy with how their new console has fared in its two days on the market after it was launched Friday in the United States.

However, there have been some reports of crashes, bugs and problems, something which is perhaps to be expected in the rocky first days, but possibly to a level that was a little bit too high for most customers' liking.

Many owners of the fancy new PS4 have reported a 'blue light of death' which has rendered the consoles unusable upon arrival, but Sony say the cases are limited. We're certainly hoping for a much smoother process this side of the water when the console arrives on our shares on the 29th of November.

Microsoft will be looking for similar success later on this month when they launch the Xbox One console, but with Christmas just around the corner, we're sure both companies can expect to sell maybe one or two more. To Santa, of course.

Hat-tip to The Verge for this one