Sony unveils PlayStation Vita TV 9 years ago

Sony unveils PlayStation Vita TV

Streaming TV is all the rage right now, and Sony are getting on in the act with their latest gadget

Sony unveiled their latest gadget at the SCEJA Press Conference and it's a pretty interesting little piece of gear that will stream what's on your Vita over to your TV.


This means that, obviously, you can play your games on the big screen, but this little gadget has the processing power of the Vita and can download games for the PSP and the PSOne. Essentially, it's a mini version of the handheld console that plugs into the side of your TV.

It has a game slot so that you can play Vita games themselves, and you can just use your PS3 controller to play. However, it may spell the end for the Vita itself seeing as it has most of the functions of the console. However, Sony have invested serious money in the Vita and plan to have a good deal of interconnectivity between it and the PS4, so this will also be another way to keep that money from being wasted. Incidentally, they also announced that the Vita itself will be getting slimmed down and re-released.

The main attraction of this, for many users, will be the ability to stream media like Netflix and YouTube direct to your TV, as well as Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, and that will be the big selling point, we imagine.

No word yet on whether this is going to be released over this side of the world soon, but it is confirmed for Japan, so success there will surely mean that it heads over here too.


Hat-tip to PC MAg and betanews for the pic