Have you found the best surprise appearance in the Spider-Man game yet? 3 years ago

Have you found the best surprise appearance in the Spider-Man game yet?

Greatest. Crossover. Ever.

Obviously don't continue reading this if you don't want some of the biggest surprises of the new Spider-Man game ruined for you.


We were big fans of the game here (full review), and one of the biggest things about it was the amount of hidden content, which obviously we couldn't mention as the game was just being released.

While travelling through New York in the game, you can happen across the Avengers Tower, or Doctor Strange's home base Sanctum Santorum. There is also Fogwell's Gym in Hell's Kitchen (a nice nod to Daredevil), Alias Investigations (the workplace of Jessica Jones), the Rand Corporation (from Iron Fist), and Ben Parker's (Peter's uncle) grave can be found in the graveyard

And, of course, there is the now contractually obliged Stan Lee cameo. That wasn't hidden at all, it was plopped right in the middle of a cut-scene. That being said, it was still pretty cool...

Clip via Sharkhanatic

Even with all of those though, there is still one more than we reckon is the best one in the game (that has been discovered so far, anyways).

When travelling through Midtown, you'll happen across a building that looks eerily familiar.


Is that...? Yep, it is the Ghostbusters building!

The iconic logo is missing from the front (probably to do with copyright), but if you stroll around it, you'll see ghost graffiti on the side of the building, really cementing the fact, yes, this is the Ghostbusters building.

Now THAT is a crossover we need to see...