Tech Corner: Sleep tracking made very, very easy (and I don't have sleep apnoea) 2 years ago

Tech Corner: Sleep tracking made very, very easy (and I don't have sleep apnoea)

Welcome to the party, pals.

How about that weather we’ve been having, huh? ‘Tis like being on the continent.


But as the weather warms up, your sleep quality can take a little hit for a while as your body adjusts to the temperature actually being in double figures at night time.

Double figures at night time, what a concept!

Well here at tech corner, I think you should have the best sleep possible, so I’ve been looking at some sleep analysers to help improve my sleeping habits and - by proxy - your sleeping habits.

This week, I’ve been sleeping with/on/using the Withings Sleep Analyser.


And it does have one major difference from all your usual sleep trackers built into your watches and your fitbits etc.

You don’t wear this thing, it’s actually a sensor-packed slim mat that you slide under your mattress meaning that you're not required to wear a watch or band on your wrist at night.

We’ve previously been impressed by Withings products and I have to say, this one is no different.

Quick rundown


Most of the data is gathered from its pneumatic sensor, which identifies and separates different types of movement, which means it can distinguish between movement caused by tossing and turning, and changes in pressure caused by your pulse and your breathing. It can also tell your heart rate through the mattress.

There's no battery in the analyser which makes sense when you think about it because nobody wants to be sleeping on a device fitted with a battery overnight. You know, potential overheating at night is no craic.

So there's a three-metre-long cable that connects to it which means you will need a power source, but the length of the cable makes this a non-issue.


It's main selling point is the tracking of sleep apnoea, which Withings got EU approval in 2020 for implementation. It both tells you how frequent your apneic episodes are - and it will recommend a visit to the doctor if it's severe enough - and will also allow you to print out a PDF of the data to show to the appropriate medical professional.

It only tracks one person at a time but Withings says it shouldn't be affected by a partner in your bed... I'll have to take their word on that I'm afraid.

All the data goes into Withings Health Mate app which syncs automatically after you get up in the morning meaning it's all there for you to look at without any searching.

Now comes the little sphincter clenching part, it will cost you €129.95 on the Withings website which could be considered steep for a tracker solely for use during your sleep.

But, if you want to know the story with your nocturnal activities and aren't a fan of regular trackers, it could well be the way forward for you.