Tech Corner: My Zoom calls have never looked so good 2 years ago

Tech Corner: My Zoom calls have never looked so good

Turns out, lighting is key.

Welcome to the party, pals. You’re reading another edition of Tech Corner and for this week I’ve gone with something a little bit different.


Fresh off smartphone advice, earbud recommendations and some home help, I’ve steered back to the more quirky elements of tech – although I will state for the record that I no longer microwave my coffee – and have sagaciously been improving my remote working calls.

How am I doing this, I hear you whisper?

Well, for the past few weeks I’ve been using a Glam Doll Desktop Ring Light for use on my Zoom calls.

Now, if I was a blogger flogging some product I didn’t believe in, it would also have served me very well for posting Instagram stories.


But for my purposes, it was exclusively used for Zoom calls, work meetings and the very odd time to check if I’d found a grey hair.

Credit where it’s due, the Glam Doll Ring Light does massively boost your light situation and erases any shadows from calls without needing to invest in new laptop with a sharper camera.

The 10.2 inch foldable white ring light has a weighted base, with an adjustable mount for your phone if you wanted to get the perfect angle for your videos.

The LED lights are all dimmable and offer control over colour temperature depending on whether you want cool or warmer light.


For better or worse, remote meetings are here to stay and if you’re willing to part with €70 for the Glam Doll Desktop Ring Light, you’ll certainly up your game.